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  • Have you rebalanced your assets lately? Rebalancing simply means rearranging your investments to match the diversified mixture of assets you have decided on. By periodically rebalancing, you are keeping your investments in line with the plan you originally set. This can help keep your assets synchronized with your risk tolerance and your financial goals. And you should know that neither asset allocation nor diversification ensure a profit or protect against market loss. To rebalance your assets, simply log into your VALIC account by clicking on "Sign In" in the top right hand corner of this screen. From the drop down box, "I want to", select Rebalance assets. 
  • Important information about loans -- One obvious way to create income for retirement is to save, regularly. But that's only part of the equation. It's just as important to avoid dipping into your 401(a) retirement account, so that your full balance has the potential to grow. Withdrawals and loans may significantly reduce the amount of retirement income you'll have at the end of your working years. Your VALIC financial advisor can help you explore alternatives to plan withdrawals and loans. 
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  • VALIC Confidential Consultations -- Click here to book a personal, one-on-one consultation with your VALIC financial advisor today! 
  • For the Alternative Retirement Plan, you can make loan payments automatically from your checking or savings account. Find out more!